Pokoje Gościnne Dom Rybitwa

Pokoje Gościnne Dom Rybitwa

Address: Letniskowa 7
City: Dębki, 84-110
Pomorskie, Pomorze Wschodnie


Located in a peaceful seaside area, Pokoje Gościnne Dom Rybitwa offer self-catering accommodation with free Wi-Fi, 1 km from the sandy beach. There is a free private parking on site.

Classic-style, warmly decorated rooms at the Dom Rybitwa come with a TV, an electric kettle and a refrigerator. Each boasts a bathroom with a shower.

Guests can spend time in the garden gazebos while the youngest enjoy themselves on the children's playground. Deck chairs and wind screens are available at a surcharge.

Pokoje Gościnne Dom Rybitwa provide an equipped shared kitchen where guests will find what they need to prepare meals. Barbecue facilities in the garden can be used free of charge.

The property is set 10 km from the Żarnowieckie Lake. Władysławowo, a popular holiday destination in the Kashubia Region, is 27 km away.

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